Workplace psychological injury

Risk factors

There are a range of factors associated with the increased risk of an individual experiencing stress including:

  • Experiencing another mental health condition
  • Experiencing trauma or significant life event 
  • Temperament/personality factors, low self-confidence, loneliness
  • Lifestyle factors: poor sleep, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, alcohol and other substance use  
  • Social difficulties such as interpersonal conflict and relationship breakdown  
  • Financial difficulties


Factors that can contribute to workplace stress include:

  • Working long hours or overtime
  • Lack of breaks
  • Doing shift work
  • Time pressure, working too hard or too fast, and unrealistic targets
  • Job insecurity
  • High mental task demands
  • The work environment
  • Lack of support,
  • Poor communication
  • Conflict in the workplace, bullying, or discrimination
  • Poor recognition and reward
  • Work that is emotionally disturbing or requires high emotional involvement
Symptoms Diagnosis