Referral Portal

If you think your patient may benefit from a admission under one of our qualified specialists, allow us to help you by following the our referral process outlined below.

We work in partnership with General Practitioners and key service providers to treat people suffering with a comprehensive range of mental health concerns.

For assistance with managing your patients’ mental health concerns, please follow our simple admissions process outlined below after you select an iMH.

Select a hospital by going Our Hospitals page for a list of our hospitals and clinics around Australia. 

To admit a patient to our hospitals we have a simple admission process:

  1. Does your patient need a mental health admission?
  2. Does your patient have Private Health Insurance, DVA Status, WorkCover or the ability to self-fund their admission?
  3. If yes, select a hospital below to discuss admission suitability with the hospitals Admissions and Assessment Team
  4. Send referral via your selected hospitals referral details below. You can address a referral to an individual doctor at your selected hospital or we can find a psychiatrist available to take the referral.
  5. Same day, our hospital can confirm health fund eligibility check, admission arrangements and allocate a Psychiatrist.

Refer directly to our hospitals

Online referral to Deakin Private Hospital

Online referral to Hirondelle Private Hospital