Borderline Personality Disorder

 Borderline Personality Disorder is a complex condition with various signs and symptoms. The signs and symptoms may start to show in early adulthood.

The signs and symptoms of BPD may include:

  • low self-esteem or distorted self-image
  • fluctuating sense of identity
  • threats or attempts related to suicide or self-harm
  • fear of abandonment
  • intense or chaotic relationships
  • taking risks or behaving impulsively
  • substance use or abuse
  • persistent feeling of “emptiness”
  • anxiety or nervousness
  • paranoia or emotional detachment 

When should I see a health professional?

The patterns of the signs and symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder can fluctuate but they don’t tend to go away on their own.  

If you have any thoughts of self-harm or suicide, contact emergency services immediately.

If your day-to-day living is being affected and your thoughts and feelings are interfering with your relationships, work or other areas of your life, it is important to talk to your GP or mental health professional. An accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan can be developed with you.  

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