Young Adult Mental Health

Adolescence and young adulthood is a time of rapid change in multiple aspects of self and life. The brain and body are still developing, and individuals transition to increasing independence and responsibility. Significant situational changes also occur, including first-time romantic relationships, changing schools, leaving school, and entering the workforce or higher education.

“Youth mental health” is a specialist area of mental health focused on adolescents and young adults through from mid-teens to early twenties. Young people can get a lot out of a specialised mental health service, because there are some things that make young people special and different. These years are a time of rapid change and development, and this comes with some specific challenges.

How common is it?

Around 15% of adolescents and young adults will experience a serious mental health issue during this period of their life. For this reason, maintaining open, positive lines of communication around emotional wellbeing and support options is very important for helping them to access the support they need, as issues start to emerge.