Grief and Loss

Grief is a natural and normal response to loss. Loss can come from many situations such as the death of a loved one, a relationship breakdown, death of a pet, loss of job, loss of a pregnancy, or separation from friends and family.

How common is it?

Grief and bereavement is a very common and normal reaction and process.

Are there different types of grief?

Grief is the process and emotional response of bereavement. There is no one way for grief to be expressed, it is a very individual process and can be felt and shown in many different ways.

Most commonly, the feelings of loss and the impact of the grief ease over time which help with adjusting to the loss. For some people however, the feelings of loss don’t lessen over time and can become debilitating. This is referred to as complicated grief, where the painful emotions are lost-lasting and severe, and it is difficult to recover.