Our Values

Our Values

We are driven by compassion.

We are real people, we laugh when our patients laugh, we cry when they cry –even if they never see it. We conduct ourselves, always, with empathy and understanding, taking the time to listen, learn, support and serve.

We strive for quality.

Lives are in our hands, and we are acutely aware of that, every day. We pay attention to every detail, measure twice, ask the right questions – and we’re never silent when we know we should speak up. We want to be excellent, for ourselves, our team mates, and mostly, for our patients.

We let curiosity guide us.

We are people who openly embrace new ideas, concepts, technology, treatments – we always want to know more and to try new ways of approaching our work. While we don’t take unnecessary risks, we welcome change, improvement and innovation and know the power it can have in healing.

We work collaboratively.

Many hands make like work. We acknowledge we are not superman and we don’t provide care in a silo – we work with other integral team members, from a diversity of fields and backgrounds. We hear their expert input, we take on board their contribution and we cooperate, to enable better care.

Our Service Pillars

Caring for our people and our community.

At iMH, we make health care personal. We know patients by names, not numbers, and we create calm and comfortable environments for you and our team, so everyone feels like a respected and acknowledged member of our unique healthcare community.

Delivering quality service and support.

Copy: Health care should always be provided with absolute dedication to excellence. We draw on Australia’s most celebrated specialists to guide our teams in providing the highest-quality care to every person who engages in treatment with iMH

Leading through innovation.

The thinking and treatments that underpin healthcare are continuously evolving. At iMH our team of specialists is committed to leading the way, with innovative, evidence-based approaches to mental health.

Enabling genuine choice in healthcare.

We believe every person should feel in control of their own health care, so we make choice a central part of our service. This allows you to receive the right treatment, in the right location, at the right time.

Empowering better mental health management

When it comes to mental health care in Australia, our aim is to truly champion wellbeing, by giving patients easier, more convenient access to their choice of highly experienced and empathic clinicians, who provide the latest, tailored treatments.