About iMH

iMH stands for integrated mental health, representing the service’s special focus on integrating inpatient and out-of-hospital care in shorter stay mental health admissions. iMH compliments traditional Aurora Healthcare private mental health hospitals and expands the variety of services models that we offer.

Aurora Healthcare and Amplar Health share a vision to make integrated mental health services nationally accessible in Australia. In 2023 Aurora Healthcare and Amplar Health launched iMH’s flagship private mental health hospital, Deakin Private Hospital.

iMH’s initial Australian portfolio comprises 2 private hospitals in Canberra and Sydney. A number of greenfield projects are in the pipeline to expand iMH’s footprint in Australia’s major cities and key regional areas.

The service model underpinning iMH is designed to make mental health treatment even more accessible in Australia, and to focus on preventing avoidable hospital admissions and readmissions to support patients’ recovery in the longer term. iMH proudly provides mental health treatment and services for adult and older persons. Key specialty areas of focus include substance use issues and addictive disorders, depression, anxiety, and conditions involving emotional dysregulation and distress intolerance.

The cornerstones of our success are the result of:

  • Psychiatrist-led treatment plans tailored to patient needs and goals 
  • Variety and breadth in treatment options inside and outside of the hospital
  • Disciplined expansion and acquisition of healthcare facilities in communities with long term demand
  • Care coordination and in-home support to patients in a recovery model of care
  • Choice and flexibility with wrap around services and where and when they can be accessed
  • Extending and enhancing treatment for patients in both home and community settings, without incurring out-of pocket costs
  • Offering additional services that are typically not provided under a traditional psychiatric model of care in the private system 
  • Strong collaboration between Aurora and iMH hospitals to support interservice pathways.

iMH is committed to being an employer of choice to our doctors, specialists and staff.